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Judith Costello, Wales

Nine-year-old ex-racehorse, Khorun, is usually in good condition over the summer months but often drops weight in winter. Khorun wind-sucks and has also previously been treated for gastric ulcers, so requires a low starch diet. He can also be ‘hot’ to ride at times, so owner Judith sticks to non-heating feeds. Judith rides Khorun four to five times a week and he has daily turnout.

Judith began feeding Fibre-Beet in October 2014 and was very pleased over the following months as Khorun didn’t drop off at all, when previously each winter he had.

Said Judith, in March 2015: “I really have found Fibre-Beet has helped to maintain Khorun’s weight and it is the first winter we have managed without him actively dropping weight by about February!

“I’ve been pleased with his feet, also. We have had problems with him in the past keeping shoes, especially at this time of year.

“However, he has done well this winter and (frantically touches wood) hasn’t thrown any shoes. He is being shod on Monday which will be seven weeks from the previous set, which is excellent for him.”

Over winter Khorun was fed one scoop of soaked Fibre-Beet, twice a day, as part of a balanced and complete diet. Fibre-Beet is non-heating and has added Biotin for healthy hooves.