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Well-known event rider and young horse producer, Heidi Woodhead has sourced and produced many top class event horses under the DHI Event Horses name.

Heidi and her husband, Ian, are highly regarded in the world of eventing for their riding, training and teaching skills, and have helped many of today’s leading riders.

With a yard of talented youngsters based near York, Heidi and Ian’s horses always look in the best of health with the support of their sponsor’s British Horse Feeds.

The team has fed Fibre-Beet for more than five years and after the launch of British Horse Feeds Cooked Linseed added this to their daily feed.

Says Heidi: “At DHI Event Horses, we feed British Horse Feeds Cooked Linseed as a staple part of our horses’ daily diets, alongside Fibre-Beet. It is fed to all of our horses from the very youngest up to top level competition. I am delighted with how well the horses look.

Fibre-Beet is fantastic for helping to keep the horses in excellent condition and since adding the Cooked Linseed their coats have definitely improved to another level.

“The feed is great for adapting their diets whether a young horse just starting out and needing extra condition to the horses that are fit and out eventing, that need to have plenty of stamina for the cross-country but be calm and focused for the dressage.”

“The Cooked Linseed provides them with the protein they need, without making them hot to ride – and the results are clear to see. It is an excellent way of getting crucial vitamins and antioxidants into the horses, as it is so easy to feed and great for fussy feeders – all of our horses love it! “

Fibre-Beet is a versatile, super-fibre conditioning feed and when fed alongside a balanced diet can improve energy intake whilst keeping fibre levels at an optimum.

Offering an excellent source of highly digestible fibre in a soaked form, Fibre-Beet is excellent in aiding rapid rehydration and provides slow release energy without the ‘fizz’.

Fibre-Beet is a formulated blend containing all the benefits of Speedi-Beet with added high quality Alfalfa for optimum condition and to provide quality protein for muscle tone and function. Alfalfa can also help with topline or simply help maintain weight and a healthy, shiny coat.

British Horse Feeds Cooked Linseed is 100% whole linseed that has been cooked and micronised to provide the highest quality nutrition. This optimises the digestibility and bioavailability of its nutrients for your horse or pony.

For adding topline and supporting muscle activity, the quality protein, with an ideal amino acid profile, contained within Cooked Linseed can help as well as being a great source of slow release energy.

High levels of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids gives a real shine to coat condition.

For further information contact a member of the team on 01765 680300.