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Ex-racehorse, Barney (Hattaak), arrived at ‘New Beginnings’ severely underweight. The dedicated staff at the charity monitored Barney closely and he received the best care and nutrition to help him gain condition.
Based in North Yorkshire, New Beginnings is a charity that provides a safe and secure environment where former racehorses can adjust and be re-trained for their second career following racing.
Said Pam Hollingworth of New Beginnings: “Barney came to us with a body score of one, confirmed by the vet. The first picture was taken on July 27th 2015, the day we picked him up.
“We started him on Fibre-Beet and linseed and gradually introduced a cube after a few weeks. He has gained weight steadily and the second photo was taken on October 24th 2015. The Fibre-Beet is fantastic to start these very poor horses on as it’s not overloading their system too early. Barney is now well and happy.”
As Barney has returned to full strength he is now being brought back into work and the team have started groundwork with him.
Added Pam: “He is calm and enjoying the interaction and we are delighted with his progress. His feed gives him the energy he needs without the fizz and we feel that this is ideal when bringing horses back into work as you don’t need too much excitability and exuberance.
“We hope to have him under saddle shortly and due to his kind and gentle nature we anticipate him being a lovely safe riding horse in the near future.”