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In 2017, Lancashire based rider, Lisa Wild had the shocking news that her beloved 10-year-old bright bay ISH gelding, Stig was suffering from grade 4 gastric ulcers.

With the help of her vet and a new diet including both Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet, Stig is now making excellent progress and is back to good health and out competing again.

Said Lisa: “I was first introduced to Speedi-beet and Fibre-beet when Stig, was diagnosed with grade 4 ulcers in July 2017 after being scoped by the vet. The vet recommended both feeds as part of Stig’s new ulcer diet which he must follow now for the foreseeable future.

“Prior to being diagnosed with ulcers, Stig didn’t show many signs of having ulcers other than in his competition performance, his lack of condition (even though he would put weight on again) and also the frequency of bouts of colic he was experiencing. This prompted us to investigate further and the results of the scoping shocked us all, he had both squamous and glandular ulcers of which were at grade 4.

“After completing his treatment along with his new feeding regime, I can honestly say how he looks today is definitely owed to the Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet. They have been invaluable in his recovery, whilst still helping to build and maintain condition without over-heating. He has developed more topline and, even better, he loves tucking into his feeds now.”

The results of Stig’s last scoping showed the squamous ulcers had completely healed and the glandular ulcers had decreased to grade 1. Glandular ulcers are much harder to treat and Lisa’s vet confirmed this might be the lowest they achieve but reducing the ulcers from grade 4 to 1 shows a dramatic difference.

Added Lisa: “Thanks to British Horse Feeds Stig can now carry on and enjoy a more comfortable life with the added bonus of it being a rather tasty one!!

“I love the products and will never consider using anything else for my horses. They are really versatile and even my retired eventer has a small helping to help keep him healthy as he ages.”

Lisa and Stig are currently competing at Novice level with British Dressage and have recently qualified for the Petplan Area Festival finals with many wins along the way too.

They are aiming to qualify for the Summer Regionals next year and to carry on moving up though the levels, along with continuing his jumping education when we will hopefully be out eventing with British Eventing.

*Photo by Majestic Photography