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“Goldie was my daughter’s first pony. We bought him 15 years ago as a 14-year-old…he did well and taught her a lot; showing, jumping, gymkhana games and hacking. She eventually outgrew him but I could not bear to part with him as he had become part of the family. Up until five years ago he worked in the riding school where we kept him and also did RDA with the local group who were based at the same place.
“When we moved to a livery yard closer to home we asked our equine dentist if he had any idea how old he was as his teeth were getting very short. As he had just ‘removed’ a tooth (it actually didn’t take much removing) he told us that he was in his ‘mid 30s’! I still have the tooth – it was only about 1cm deep including the root and was as smooth as marble. And this was five years ago.
“This winter he started looking a bit old and lost a bit of weight. He had to be rugged for the first time in quite a few years and I was worried that his time had come. A friend gave me some Fibre-Beet to try and I can honestly say it saved him. He was having two feeds a day of Fibre-Beet and a small amount of micronized linseed and it kept the weight on him.
“He has just moved to a new field with lots of grass and is not having any feed at the moment but I will start to feed him again soon and it will be on Fibre-Beet. I am about to start feeding my husband’s 12-year-old ex-racer and my daughter’s 17-year-old loan eventer on Fibre-Beet too. It is great stuff and I would recommend to anyone.

“Thanks British Horse Feeds, the photo of Goldie just sums up exactly what Fibre- Beet has does for him.”
– Jane Theobald, UK