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“Speedi-Beet is the perfect feed for my show pony Pumpkin, a 14hh Connemara mare. She is a very fussy eater but loves Speedi-Beet; it is the only type of beet she will eat!
“Since being fed Speedi-Beet Pumpkin has always had a nice healthy shine to her coat and generally looks bright and happy. Pumpkin always has plenty of controllable energy as Speedi-Beet is a great source of slow-release energy.
“Pumpkin was diagnosed with Cushings when she was 15 so is at a higher risk of contracting laminitis, Speedi-Beet is suitable for laminitics as it is starch free and low in sugar, making it the perfect feed for her.
“I also find Speedi-Beet really easy to soak and it doesn’t matter if I forget to soak it as it only takes 10 minutes! Once the poo picking is done it is ready to feed. I can’t recommend Speedi-Beet highly enough.”
Rebecca Wright, Norfolk