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Name: Katie Patrick
Location: Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Feed (s): Fibre-Beet
“I feed Fibre-Beet to my event horse Harry (Pop the Question II). Before finding Fibre-Beet we struggled to keep weight on Harry during the eventing season. He had very little top line and although well muscled; he would always look very skinny.
“We began feeding Fibre-Beet last year and have never looked back! Harry came out of the winter looking better than ever and for the first time yet has managed to keep his condition whilst Eventing. He has developed a great top line, is well covered and has a lovely shine to his coat. Lots of people have commented on just how well he looks.
“Harry is also a fussy feeder; he often left his feed untouched. Since finding Fibre-Beet there is never any food left over and it is great to find a feed that he actually enjoys eating. Even when stabling away from home at competitions Harry always eats his Fibre-Beet.
“The difference in Harry is incredible and I can strongly recommend Fibre-Beet as a fantastic, good value feed and the results speak for themselves.”

Harry After Finding Fibre-Beet. Harry before finding Fibre-Beet.