You are currently viewing Keeping Condition on an Event Horse with Speedi-Beet
“I’ve been feeding Thursday Speedi-Beet for approximately five years now. Speedi-Beet keeps Thursday looking in great condition. Speedi-Beet gives slow release energy, which is great for competition horses like Thurs. Its non-heating so doesn’t give her extra excitability, keeping her mind on the job in hand!
“I like Speedi-Beet because it’s so quick and easy to prepare so fits in to my busy lifestyle. I’ve found that if I ever need to give any medications/wormers etc, the horses seem to munch it down when it’s given to them in the Speedi-Beet.
“Thursday is very spoilt, she loves Speedi-Beet fed warm in the winter! When Thursday spends more time stabled throughout the winter months it provides her with an extra fibre source when the grass isn’t so great. If you’ve never used Speedi-Beet before, once you have experienced using it, I guarantee you will never look back! Massive great big fat thumbs up from me & Always On A Thursday!”
Coral Herbert, Norfolk