Two in foal for Sarah

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Hello Everyone,
May was rather exciting for our breeding program, and so far really successful. Thanks to Jenny from Ridings Vets, she has been working very hard inseminating our broodmares, Lady and Cappuccino. We can say we have two in foal, both taken first time.
Lady is in foal to a young dressage stallion called So Unique, he was crowned champion in Germany at the young horse championships.
Cappuccino we have selected Spielberg after selling my top dressage horse Dartagnan last year, so the plan is we really wanted another one from the same sire, and this is the first time Cappuccino has not thrown us twins, so we are very lucky.
Had a few little setbacks with some minor injuries on the competition horses, but the horses are now regaining fitness to come back to competition in July.
Also our lovely three-year-old has been castrated and had his teeth done and now starting his lunging. Soon he is going to have the saddle on and we will be building him up slowly before riding him. He is really changing shape and enjoying his Fibre-Beet. He was so raw when he came in from the fields, but now he is glowing and condition is coming on well.
Now that both girls are in foal, we will be selling some youngsters.
Thanks for reading my blog and I am so excited for the shows in July.
Until next time, Sarah