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Hello from New Zealand! It has been a pretty wet and horrible winter over here, so it has been a bit quieter than normal. I’ve spent a lot of my time staying out of the cold and wet and studying for exams. I’m sitting my NCEA level one this year. The few competitions that I have done have gone super.
River took champion level 3 at the Waikato equestrian centre winter dressage series and champion level three at the Waikato equestrian centre spring dressage series. He was awesome and I am so proud of him.
Just recently I have started teaching an 11-year-old how to ride on River. At the moment he is my only competition horse due to Annie being out of work, but he has been awesome while having a kid on him and has behaved amazingly. She even cantered him! I have also started teaching at pony club which is so much fun. I get to teach the lead rein group and they are so cute and get really excited about their ponies.
River and Liberté had the Waikato A&P show in October. It was Libby’s first show so we had to do heaps of training and going places to get her ready. One of her training outings was a working equation practice day which she aced. She did every obstacle and did the best we could in hand. We even invented a new obstacle where she carried the busy bee soft toy on her head or back which she did so well. She wasn’t even fazed by the bridge and walked right up onto it then stood there and was happy enough. It was really funny because all the older horses there that had been backed were scared of the bridge and she was better than them all.
Soon it was the big competition day. Both horses did amazing with River taking Reserve Champion Connemara and Liberté completely cleaning up and winning nearly every class. She also came home with Champion Lusitano which was super awesome. I was so happy with how my babies did (not that River’s a baby anymore) and what was even more amazing was that it was Liberte’s first show and she took everything in her stride.
Annie has come back in to work in the last month, perfect timing for me to sit my Pony Club B Certificate assessment (I will be sitting the actual exam in December). She had her first Dressage competition the other day and did really well coming home with over 63% in level four. I also have to jump 95cm for my B cert so it has been heaps of cross-country training, which she loves and thinks she is still doing two star eventing!