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Since my last blog I have some very exciting news… I’ve bought a lovely new horse to event alongside Frank! His name is Saph. Lots of people say he could be Frank’s twin, but their characters are both like chalk and cheese.
Having been hand reared, Frankie has always got his nose stuck into everything and has to introduce himself to everyone he meets and everything that moves. Saph is much more timid.
We are getting on really well together, but I’m taking my time with him to ensure that he really trusts me before we venture to a competition. He has competed to Intermediate-Novice level at his previous home and I’m hoping he can take me back up to that level again.
My very sad news is that I’ve had to retire Robbie due to his injuries (hence why I have bought Saph). Robbie has been the most amazing horse for me, and I will now do my upmost to keep him comfortable as an expensive pet. My two girls that I was eventing, Thursday and Alice, are still in work but are now both in their 20’s and I feel it’s maybe time that they slow down.
Frank went to an event at Houghton, which went really well! He scored a fantastic dressage of 26 which sat us in second. A PB for us both! He then went on to jump double clear, but we had cross-country time penalties which meant that we dropped down to ninth out of fourty. I was still really happy with that! I think I could have ridden quicker, but the course wasn’t built the day beforehand when I went to walk it and still wasn’t roped up at 6am on the morning of the competition – so I got slightly confused with where I was going. So I took it steady and just wanted to get round.
It was a beautiful event and gave the atmosphere of competing at an FEI. The dressage being set in front of Houghton Hall in a 20×60 arena, (Frank’s first long arena test) and the showjumping in the main arena in the middle of the shops. And the cross-country was all dressed with flowers, it really looked stunning, I loved it!
Speak soon, Coral x

Photo: Frank on the left and Saph on the right – could be twins!