Westcountry Equine Fair Speedi-Beet Winner

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Mrs Newton from Cornwall was
delighted to be picked as the lucky winner of six bags of Speedi-Beet after
entering the British Horse Feeds competition at the Westcountry Equine Fair. “I
was delighted to win as I have never won anything before, so it was a great
surprise when I got the phone call,” said Mrs Newton.

Mrs Newton is a fan of
Speedi Beet and “has always fed it.” She owns one warmblood, one Welsh Section
D, four Dartmoor ponies and one Shetland. All of them are fed on Speedi-Beet
during the winter and the warmblood is fed on it during the summer as well,
because the others are “very good doers!”

Said Mrs Newton: “I really
like Speedi-Beet because it keeps their gut going, keeps them warm and provides
a natural fibre source without lots of sugar which is great. I am very careful
about the feeds I choose and always do a lot of research, I think Speedi-Beet
is fantastic and the horses and ponies look great on it.”

Mrs Newton, who mainly
enjoys hacking, charity rides and some low key dressage is a regular attendee
at the Westcountry Equine Fair, held at Westpoint Arena, Exeter. “I go every
single year and it’s always great,” said Mrs Newton, who took her daughter,
granddaughter and friend this year on the Sunday.

Congratulations Mrs Newton!