Why Cooked Linseed is good for horse/pony owners?

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Linseed has been a favourite amongst horse owners for many years; although, in the past, it was as a boiled product, to remove anti-nutritional factors and probably a fair amount of nutrients, new techniques mean there is a greater availability of nutrients and functional ingredients than ever before.
Whilst linseed has been used as a top dressing to add some protein to the ration, the value of Cooked Linseed is much more. The profile of the protein (its amino acid make-up) make an ideal complement to that found in forage and is rich in those amino acids that help renew muscle protein during exercise.
Its oil contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, and help restore the omega-3:omega-6 ratio of the diet that, along with omega-9, is optimum to support central regulatory and vascular functions.
The fibre profile, and low natural levels of starch, also contributes to linseeds flexibility. The slow released energy supports exercise, maintains hindgut function and provides physical bulk to the gut contents, helping to support normal gut motility.
As well as minerals and vitamins, including a rich source of the gamma- version of vitamin E, Linseed has many functional nutrients. These include a range of antioxidants and polyphenols that help support both the natural inflammation cycle, immune function, allergic response and metabolic efficiency, as well as supporting insulin sensitivity.
On the whole, Cooked Linseed is a perfect complement to any diet. A ration for an active horse can include it to support muscular activity and recovery, while for a hacking pony, Cooked Linseed will provide general nutrition to improve wellbeing; there’s the prospect of a shiny coat and good skin condition, a positive for show animals. In short, any horse or pony can benefit from Cooked Linseed, as part of a good, foraged/fibre-based diets. No feedstuff on its own can fully provide every nutrient in every situation, at all levels of activity but Cooked Linseed has such a broad range of nutritional benefits that it is an extremely versatile product; simply by altering the amount added to a base feed, a great range of activities, and lifestyles can be accommodated and supported.
Its introduction couldn’t be simpler. It can be added as a top dressing, straight from the bag or mixed into a horse’s meal; as a fine powder it will distribute evenly into a mix and will add to the palatability of any diet.
Cooked Linseed is good for any horse/pony owner due to its nutritional and wellbeing input and, perhaps just as importantly, its ease of use.