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Fibre-Beet Flavoured Water

All year round, horses and ponies need to keep hydrated, particularly during the warmer periods of the year where water is lost through sweating.

Water levels need to be replenished and this is where Tamsin Palmer, an eventer from Stockport, found British Horse Feeds’ Fibre-Beet to be very useful for her horse, Bazaars Twister (stable name Twink).

After the pair had finished schooling or after lessons, Tamsin was always keen to make sure Twink was drinking, but like most of us it is rare to actually see when our horses drink.

Normally horse owners can gage how much water is consumed from water buckets but automatic drinkers both in the field and in the stable makes it more difficult.

Tamsin added some soaked Fibre-Beet to Twink’s water bucket, to entice him to drink more and hydrate again.

Because Twink was already fed on Fibre-Beet, Tamsin knew he would take to it straight away.
Fibre-Beet contains peppermint, making it extremely palatable for horses that can be extremely fussy and in this case helped Tamsin make sure her horse was drinking.

Tamsin commented: “Twink loves his Fibre-Beet and I have found it is a great way to keep his fibre intake up.

“I also feed British Horse Feeds Cooked Linseed alongside the Fibre-Beet for condition in winter, and in summer for that gorgeous coat shine. He has never looked so well.”

Adding one part dry Fibre-Beet (half kg) to three parts water by weight (one and half litres), the feed will soak and expand to hold three times its weight in water.

More water can be added to make a sloppier mash to increase fluid intake or like Tamsin, add a handful of soaked Fibre-Beet to water buckets to flavour the water.

This is extremely useful for when you are out competing. Some horses and ponies refuse to drink in these environments, and conveniently Fibre-Beet can be soaked and ready to feed in only 45 minutes with cold water, or 15 minutes with warm water.